Chicagoland's MOST Affordable Flying Club

We are a non-equity non-profit flying club with a fleet of four well-maintained aircraft based at DuPage Airport in West Chicago, Illinois. We are well recognized as offering the most affordable flying opportunities in the Chicagoland area. Our goal is to provide safe and enjoyable flying at the best possible value while striving to create a supportive environment for strengthening pilot skills and building a spirit of fellowship amongst aviation enthusiasts. Club members are engaged with planning social events, organizing recreational gatherings, maintaining our aircraft, and coordinating group fly-outs. Club members also participate in high school outreach, community programs, boy scout merit badge events, animal rescue missions, and medical transport.

Member Benefits

The club was established in 1975 and is fully managed by the volunteer efforts of members and officers to help us realize very economical flying rates, extremely low monthly dues ($36/mo or $48/mo), and minimal joining fees ($100). There are no surprise surcharges nor any extra assessments. All club members receive full insurance coverage. Special emphasis is placed on aircraft safety and preventive maintenance. The aircraft fleet is equipped for IFR with navigational upgrades like DME, GPS, EFIS, and auto-pilot. All aircraft are equipped with ADS-B in/out. Many of our pilots have earned their certifications and advanced ratings while being members of the flying club. Extra flight discounts are available for club members when pre-paying for block time.

Great Comradery

Keeping the flying club vibrant and exciting is a key to our success; Members greatly value participating in all the club social aspects. Besides monthly club meetings, safety seminars, newsletters, special events, and guest speakers, our enthusiastic club pilots are focused on organizing destination fly-outs, flight sharing for time building, charitable missions and causes, sponsoring community outreach programs, and performing joint maintenance activities. Our leadership team is committed to promoting pilot currency and aviation safety, enhancing pilot prowess and proficiency, and supporting club members in achieving their pilot goals. Please take a moment and browse our gallery.

Energy and Enthusiasm

If you are looking for a rewarding, fun, friendly, and affordable flying club experience with a community of great pilots, we would love to share our passion and joy of flying with you. We would be glad to meet with you, show off our club aircraft, or provide an introductory flight. Anyone can attend our club meetings and share their flying experiences, discuss aviation topics, learn about maintenance, ask questions, gain more pilot knowledge; Pilots are always learning. See why so many pilots regardless of their experience level or the extent of their flight activities find us to be the most cost-effective and best value flying option in the Chicagoland area. For more club information, please read our FAQ, or reach us via our contact page, or send email to memberships.

Thrill of Flying

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a plane? IFC is making this possible for people in the community to experience the joy of flight as one of our non-profit mission goals. The no obligation trial membership program is detailed in our club FAQ. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and enjoy some exhilerating flight experiences under the expert guidance of an accomplished pilot. If you find the allure of the blue skies irresistible, you may then choose to continue as a regular club member. We hope to see your dreams take off!